DwellingThu Jul 19 2022
For my undergraduate thesis in fine arts, I studied the paleolithic bone home and the origins of dwelling, specifically in Mezhyrich made of 149 mammoth bones.

These dwellings were built approximately 15,000 years ago and housed people with lives and survival instincts. I combined this research with Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard and developed a narrative around shelter and embodied knowledge. In response, considering myself as a bricoleur, constructing from a diverse range of available things, I rebuilt this shelter from entirely Walmart materials and rebar. Each piece of the shelter was covered by bed sheets, tethered together with saftey pins, the rugs were made from faux fur to emulate softness of home, the interior, the womb, the skins were made from poured latex paint, stretched to emulate animal skin, and finally, four massive paintings (12ft and 8ft wide) on linen to embody the elements, the outside world and a desire to communicate through a language we recognize but do not understand. This was an intense proces of making but ultimately a success as it became a space for community gathering during its time on view and received the esteemed Caples Prize in Sculpture that year. The paintings have since been exhibited in several galleries since 2019.

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