Strategy WorkTue Jul 19 2022
Outside of my own personal design practice, I have pursued a handful of design projects for larger entities or collaborations ranging everywhere from social design to soft goods to strategic foresight. Click on the icons below to learn more ... 

NOAA Fisheries 
Large Whale Disentanglement

3D, Research, Speculative, Ecological 
Democracy 2076 
Altimeter Design Group

Strategy, Facilitation, Research, Speculative
RISD x Hyundai 
Research Fellowship

3D, Fabrication, Research, Biodesign, Ceramics
High Performance Rainwear

Print, Apparel, Identity, Web

Eastern Seedbank Cooperative
Innovation Studio

Systems, Research, Speculative, Identity
(BAC) Below and Above Collective
Floating Wetland Collaboration

3D, Material Studies, Remediation, Public Art

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