Fuck IKEAThu Jul 19 2022
In many ways, this was my first serious design project (while at the same time it was anything but serious). When I studied at Elisava School of Design in Barcelona as an undergraduate with no design experience, I was paired with Grace Carver, a design student from Melbourne, Australia, who unlike me, knew how to design things. So in a furniture class, our professor gave each group an IVAR Ikea chair and we had to make it into a “new” redesigned chair. So we decided to make the anti-IVAR chair. We were interested in seeing how far we could stray from its original form and have it still be considered a chair.

We  completely took the chair apart. We then suspended each of the deconstructed pieces in solid blocks of cement and stacked them all on top of each other so that they vaguely resembled a four-legged chair again. It looked insane. It was  reminiscent of a decaying or buried living thing slightly peeking out of the ground like a zombie pushing a pulsing hand out of a gravesite. At the time, the idea was to take a pristine, mass-produced chair and transform it into something more horrendous that challenged the user and made them think about the lifespan of their objects. 

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