Microbial TableThu Jul 19 2022
As a part of my work for Simon Johns in St. Etienne-du-Bolton, Quebec, where I spend most of my summer in 2018 as his apprentice, I was able to use his studio for my own work. As someone interested in furniture but also someone aware of its ecological entanglements, I wanted to experience the the process of making a table start to finish. So we sourced some poplar from a local seller, we planed the wood down to workable pieces, glued up a sizeable plank and began to tackle my complex design. I had never made a piece of furniture
before so a lot of this was new to me but it came quickly. We then used some flexible plywood to bend a solid base. I then used a jig and a router to cut a circle as well as my intricate, stomach bacteria inspired drawings within. I then spend several days sanding each section diligently and finding the perfect orange and cream colors. Lastly, painted both pieces with a rag and cut a small piece of glass for the top.

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